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FAQ: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of the articles in the site available for immediate sending?

Both Marklin and Trix offer hundreds of articles on their catalogues, but it may happen that the article is not immediately available at our shop. If that is the case, considering it has to be ordered directly from Germany, it takes about 8/10 days for the article to be delivered.
Each time a request is received, our system sends an e-mail to notify on the availability and the eventual waiting time to receive the ordered model not available for the moment

How can I make sure the article I’m interested in is for sure available in your shop or either at Marklin or Trix?

Clicking on the link of Marklin Website,or for Trix Website you will be directed to the firm’s database. Once you typed in the code of the desired article, a light with various colours will appear: Green: article available – Red: article out of stock – Yellow/green: not available for the moment but still in a production phase (for New articles) or either reproduction (for ordinary catalogue items).

What are the ways of payment accepted?

Many! Credit card through safe and crypted system; Bank Transfer; Postal Order; Paypal (; Cash on Delivery (with an additional 4.00 Euros charge for the courier’s encashment expenses).

The orders requested online may also be picked up at your shop?

Of course! Not only you can buy through our site, but also directly at our shop in Bergamo, Via Antonio Locatelli , 45, open from Monday afternoon through Saturday at the following hours 9/12 a.m. – 3,30/7 p.m.

In case I find defects in the articles I get, how can I indicate my guarantee rights?

All of the items sold by Toytrains have a 2 years guarantee starting from the date of purchase. In case the items should present defects during the guarantee period; you just have to send an e-mail to, indicating the item code, the order reference (if you still have it) giving an explanation regarding the type of problem, send the item to:

Via Antonio Locatelli , 45
24121 Bergamo

Once the object of the guarantee will be received, we will immediately proceed to the sending of it to the authorized repair/substitution assistance centre. As soon as it will be fixed, the item will be sent back to you and you won’t be charged for the shipping.
The items that have been modified or damaged are excluded from guarantee rights.

What couriers do you use for shipping?

We use different shipping services: Poste Italiane (SDA), Corriere Bartolini, Corriere Executive.
In case you have any preferences, once you have made your order, you may send us an e-mail indicating what your favorite courier is.
We do not assure about it, but we will sure do our best in order to satisfy your request.

If, for various reasons, I can’t be home when the package is delivered and the house I live in does not have a porter’s service, how should I behave in order to solve the problem?

The most common solutions to this type of inconvenient are: indicating your work address in the order or either having the order sent and held in deposit indicating the exact place of the courier (especially suggested with Poste Italiane SDA). We want to remind that “held in deposit” shippings only have a 3 days stoppage time. Cash on Delivery shippings may not be sent to Mail boxes.

I have not updated my system yet, and I would like to know when and how the digital system changed and if it’s still compatible with the previous one.

Last generation digital system has been available for two years now, with the coming of the new digital Mobile Station that you may find in any new starting set, the main characteristic of which is that of governing up to 10 digital locomotives and the functions related to them.
From the beginning of 2006, the so called Central Station is also available. It is much more performing and it gives you the chance to manage not only the locomotives, but also traffic lights and digital exchanges. Moreover, it may also be interfaced with the old digital system.
If you own the Central Station, you will be able to install up to 15/20 Mobile Stations on the route, in order to have additional commands disseminated on the route itself.
The most important innovation that the new digital system introduces, resides in the new MFX decoders with automatic identification.
That means that practically, once you have positioned the locomotive on the track, this will “announce” itself, making its name and particular functions (such as sounds, whistles, lights, etc.) appear on the display of the Mobile Station or Central Station.
Regarding this, it might be interesting to take a look at the general catalogue written in Italian that graphically illustrates how to interface the old digital system with the new one.

ToyTrains di L. Micheli - Via Antonio Locatelli, 45 - 24121 Bergamo (Italy) - Phone: +39 035 225415 - Fax: +39 035 2815312
opening hours: Monday afternoon from 15:00 to 18:00 - Friday afternoon from 15:00 to 18:00 - Saturday morning from 10:00 to 12:00

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