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Free registration to our mailing list through which all our members will receive updates on new Märklin items in preview

Second-hand items
Opportunity of consulting our list of second-hand items which will be updated weekly.

Research service
If you are looking for an article which isn' t present in our catalogue or in our list, we will find it for you.

Appraisal service
Appraisal service, we appraise your Märklin material of every age and gauge.

Digital decoder installation Digital decoder installation on your Märklin locomotives with original Märklin spare parts.


Buying or booking Märklin items
Opportunity of buying or booking Märklin items which are in the catalogue or special series, such as Export model or production of Exclusive (MHI) models.
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Our monthly offers
Opportunity of taking advantage of our monthly offers; as a matter of fact on our home page, monthly, you will find offers of new articles at promo prices.

Withdrawal of your material
Withdrawal of your Märklin material; Toytrains exchange or withdraw for cash your Märklin material of every age or gauge, just contact us through e-mail.

Servicing for Märklin items of every age and gauge.

Planning and creation of models

Free estimates

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