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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the order process, about the shipping, or about possible payment methods? Here, we give you answers to frequently asked questions as an immediate help. If you (still) cannot find the answer here, please send us you question by E-mail using the contact form. You can access the form at anytime using the link "Contact us".

Giving an order
In order to give an order for the items selected, first go to “Shopping Basket". In this first step you can change the order quantity for the individual items or completely delete items entered. If the shopping basket now corresponds to your wishes, go to "Send Order", check your shopping basket one more time , fill in the form the information about addresses and method of payment, and confirm that you understand and agree with the general business terms for the Online Shops. If all of the entries are correct, click at the end of the page one more time on "Send Order".

If you have decided to pay by credit card , paypal , bank draft, questions about the credit card or the bank information will appear on the next screen (the transmission of this information to the safety servers is encoded). The order is completed after this information has been entered, and you will receive an order confirmation by E-mail in a few minutes.

Shipping your order
You can order items from the current catalog program as well for spare parts.For order the spare parts send us an email with the exact spare part number you need, we will order it to Märklin Factory. Normally spare parts take two weeks for delivery.

Transport and shipping time
The transport of your order in Italy is done by on of ours logistics partners , Poste Italiane , Corriere Bartolini, GLS .
The shipping time for an order is generally 1 to 2 work days. This total shipping time may be extended in certain situations, depending on the time at which the order is entered and the type of order.

The transport of orders from outside Italy is done by different transport firms. Your order leaves our warehous within 1 or 2 days, the actual shipping time may vary depending on the carrier and the destination.for large package we reserve the right to modify the shipping costs, in this case we will send you an email with the right amount.

The status of your order
When the order is ready for delivey and has left our warehouse, the invoice is generated and your credit card is charged for these types of payment. At this point you will receive a shipping notice by E-mail. For technical reasons, you will still receive the invoice for your order by regular mail.

Items ordered "not available"
In general, only those items available in the warehouse according to the Märklin Factory inventory report can be ordered. In such situations, you will be informed by Email about the item, of course, credit card will not be charged.

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