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Märklin My World 72205

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H0 72205 Märklin my world - Loading Station Building Kit.
Loading station with 3 different ways to load freight, as a building kit designed for children. This building kit consists of a few parts that can be snapped together.
The large tipping hopper can be tipped to both sides. The crane can be moved and has
a hook to lift different kinds of freight. The building kit also has a conveyor belt.
All 3 modules can be set up individually or as the complete loading station.
The building kit comes as individual parts. The parts for the loading station can
also be used with the kit cars.

Very suitable toy train for children ages 3 and up.

This loading station is the ideal add-on for the 29270 "Freight Train Kit" starter set.
And the other kit items available under item numbers 36270, 44270, 44271, 44272, 44273, 44274 and 44275.

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