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€ 579.00€ 550.00
Z 88569 Class Ce 6/8 III "Crocodile" Electric Locomotive.
Prototype: SBB Historic class Ce 6/8 III as it looked before 2017. The prototype is still currently operational on the roster of SBB Historic at Erstfeld, Switzerland.
Model: The hoods and locomotive body are constructed of real die-cast bronze plated with real platinum. The locomotive has a finely balanced color design with platinum and black tones. It has a motor with a bell-shaped armature and LED lighting with the Swiss headlight / marker light code. Both trucks powered. The locomotive has reduced lettering for the benefit of the platinum look. Road number "2022" for the anniversary of Z Gauge.
Length over the buffers 91 mm / 3-9/16".

The locomotive comes in special fine wooden packaging with a certificate of authenticity.
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