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€ 299.00
Z 81341 German Federal Postal System Train Set.
Prototype: German Federal Postal System freight train consisting of a class V 36 diesel locomotive (OPD Hannover) with 2 type Gmhs 53 boxcars, 1 type Rmms 33 stake car with a brakeman's platform, and a Tempo three-wheel delivery vehicle. The train and the delivery vehicle look as they did in Era III around 1963.
Model: The locomotive has a motor with a bell-shaped armature and it is constructed mostly of metal. In addition, there are headlights / marker lights with warm white / red LEDs, which change over with the direction of travel. All of the cars are prototypically imprinted. The "Post" Tempo three-wheeler as a freight load is constructed of metal, has rubber tires, and can be rolled. A set of stakes is included for the type Rmms 33. The train and delivery vehicle are a special version and are not available individually. Length over the buffers approximately 220 mm / 8-5/8".

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