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Märklin 88233

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Z 88233 Class 193 Electric Locomotive
The "Vectrons" from Siemens enjoy great popularity as class 193 multiple system electric locomotives among private operators and leasing companies. The "LTE – Logistics and Transport, Inc." rosters a pair of these, including road number 193 232 provided with a special adhesive film. This locomotive was taken over by the leasing firm ELL Austria, Inc. on January 19, 2018. This is the 100th Vectron for ELL and LTE acknowledged this in the locomotive design with the figure of the "Flying Dutchman", which has since been sailing under the flag of LTE. Symbolically, the locomotive vividly shows a "flight" over the East-West axis, continuous transport by rail from Rotterdam to Constanza. The new locomotive design series "Logistitcs4Legends" is starting at LTE with the "Flying Dutchman".
Prototype: ELL/LTE class 193 multi-system electric locomotive (Siemens Vectron) in the "Flying Dutchman" design. The locomotive looks as it currently does in Era VI.
Model: The frame is constructed of metal, and the locomotive body is made of plastic. This is very fine construction with an extensive paint scheme and lettering. The locomotive has a motor with a bell-shaped armature. Both trucks powered. The locomotive has separately applied details, warm white / red LED headlights and marker lights that change over with the direction of travel. Both trucks powered. Length over the buffers approximately 86 mm / 3-3/8".

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